What Inspires YOU to take action?

Mon, Apr 29 2013 01:09pm EDT 1
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Christina Chavez, Charlene Fletcher-Brown, and Jasmine Burnett are working on researching and organizing the permanent exhibit for the Museum of Women’s Resistance to be ready by June 2013.

We will be showcasing Black Women’s Blueprint within the permanent exhibit. This exhibit will cover the mission and programs Black Women’s Blueprint offers, but we’re also hoping to highlight the members. This is where we need your help!

We are interested in the literature, art, photos, films, songs, quotes, stories, people, places, or experiences that have inspired you to take action and get involved in Black Women's Blueprint. Please respond below with the name of the (book, film, person, story etc.) that has inspired you to take action and it will be included in the final exhibit.

If you wish, you can include an optional description explaining your connection to it, or anything else you want to tell me about it


Christina Chavez

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